Saturday, April 23, 2011

Little Miracles

Little miracles are everywhere around us, if we choose to slow down and see them.
I could have totally missed this miracle, but instead I chose to see the beauty in the chaos. Last night, after the worst behavior day ever for my two oldest, we decided to head off to the Good Friday service at our church. We have been looking forward to this, especially me, as I don't get to attend worship anymore because I'm working. (But I still go to Sunday school class, which is totally amazing!)
I just knew that once I got all 3 kids to church, the chaos would slow down, and I could pray and sing and find peace. All this was true, but not in the way I expected...
First of all, after a difficult trip through the parking lot, (losing Skyanna in the middle of it) we finally made our way into the church, and there is a big sign on the entrance door that reads, "Enter In Silence."
HAHAHAHAH! I knew at once that I would be chasing after three kids somewhere down the hall, but most likely not in the worship service. I prepared to put on my martyr cross, and let Adam go to service while I patiently and humbly watched the three kids I'd been working so hard to get away from all day! Inside I was fervently praying, "Lord, I know this is my season of life, but I so wanted to worship! I wanted to have some ALONE time with you, to focus my thoughts! Instead, here I am trying to keep 3 kids quiet, with my youngest straining to escape the stroller already! This is NOT peaceful!"
As I was entering my sad state of acceptance, in walked a wonderful gal named Joy, who is the wife to Rob, the music leader and minister for this evening's events. She had her two kids with her, one 3 months older than Ben, and her daughter close in age to Skyanna. She was their to support her husband, and then usher her two kids quietly out the door. Here is the miracle:
We ended up not going to service, but letting the kids loose to run up and down a huge ramp in the church. Screaming and giggling, our kids ran and chased each other, the joy in their eyes unbelievable! I found my own dissapointment greatly lessened having a friend to talk with, and not only that, it was HER husband who was putting on the service and leading it, and she stayed in the hall to visit with me! Now granted, it really was a matter of survival, our wild hooligans would never have made it quietly through the service, but God brought someone into my life to minister to me in a simple, friendly, down to earth way. Instead of the time of deep contemplation and communion I thought I was going to have, I got to chat with another mom about blankies, shopping with rowdy kids, discipline, napping, and plans for summer outings! Deep, spiritual stuff? Maybe not to some, but in my book, this is as deep as it gets!

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