Monday, September 27, 2010

Well it looks as though Fall has finally found us, the cool weather feels amazing! Yesterday Adam and I spent a big chunk of the day on the trampoline with the 2 oldest, (Ben was napping)and listened to the wind blow! It's like a July day back in Washington....
This month has been so amazing, let me elaborate:

My mom came out last week, and stayed for 7 days, and Skyanna was in Heaven! She was a little sick on her visit, but managed to keep up good spirits for the kids! We spent some time walking and talking, and took in the CCC sale, which was awesome! We got Ben clothes that actually fit his big belly, and got the kids some early Christmas gifts.

We had an ARD meeting at the school, and changed Anthony's IEP, and now things are going smoother at school! This year is different for Anthony, and we love watching him change and grow! Soon he will be able to see an awesome counselor once a week, and she will work on social skills with him, and just get to know him! Adam does lunch 3 days a week with him, and the other 2 he does fine on his own!
Skyanna is a gem, loving school, picking her own outfits to wear, and continuing her speech program. Benjamin continues to grow, nearing the 25 lb. mark, and we are preparing for his 1st birthday with much excitement!

God has really showed me these past few weeks that "Things are not always as they seem." When we try to control people or situations around us, even with the best of intentions, we fail to let God work. Also, when we are so busy worrying and trying to fix those around us, we can miss out on God's "still small voice." I have learned this month that I am not all powerful, or in control, and cannot fix everything to my liking. God is working in the lives of those around me, and in me, and I cannot see his ultimate plan. In order to truly love my friends, I must let go and let God. My heart brims over with love and concern for many around me, and my nature is to pry, pry, pry, and try to fix and appease everyone around me, but God seems to be closing that door on me. I am learning to turn to Him, and in so doing, give my friends that best gift I can,which is prayer.
I have met the most wonderful ladies here in TX, and I love them all deeply! My job as a friend is to love and pray for my girls, and support them AND their family in the process. I love all my girls and their significant others, and look forward to seeing what God is going to bring about in their lives! I want my door always to be open, and I want my heart to be open as well, to receiving, understanding, and loving those around me. As women I feel strongly that we need to pray for, and support each other, in our roles as mothers, and as wives.
Please know that my door is always open for anyone who wants to chat, joke, cry, throw fits, talk deeply, just sit, read God's word together, eat, walk, or whatever! I'm so excited about the future, what God is doing, and watching those around me grow, especially my family! Also, I hope to be posting more pics once our camera gets fixed, or replaced!