Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Counting the Days...

We are counting the days till Christmas, although Anthony thinks that there's a strong possibility Santa may surprise us and show up early. This morning he raced downstairs to check his stocking, hope quickly fading to sadness. The kids each have Christmas chains that they tear off each day, courtesy of Auntie Kristy and Uncle Bub! Grandma Nancy sent some great advent calendars, but Sissy uses hers as a sticker collection book, when she's not tearing pieces off of it!
Yesterday I....(I mean "we") had so much fun setting up the train track and making miniature presents to deliver to our Christmas village! Mamma elf was the best Christmas package maker ever, and I really didn't lose my patience when little hands wanted to "help" tape my miniature packages. Sissy set up her pet shop people around a blue Thomas track, and Anthony used the wooden tracks and added cabins with Lincon Logs. I worked really hard on my little packages, I made like 15 of them, with real wrapping paper and everything! I put them all in neat little piles so the children could divide them evenly and deliver them to our Christmas Village.
I didn't anticipate the tiny little wrappings strewn all over my playroom from my tiny creations, or the screaming that would ensue with the clean up process. Oh, and of course some little presents made it downstairs, and papa had to pick up tiny pieces of paper scattered all through out the house! Oh, by the way, baby elf was sleeping the whole time, thanks to grandma and her quiet bedroom!
I'd like to take this time to pat myself on the shoulder for organizing all the kiddo's toys, includeing their toy chests, and cleaning out my craft drawers in honor of Christmas. Now I fly around here desperately trying to keep toys the way I had them, anticipating how happy my little ones will be with my diligence and perseverance. Sissy destroyed her room in 10 minutes flat, and Anthony re-arranged his to suit his taste. But no fear! I race around frantically and put everything back in it's place, knowing that my order will make Christmas all the nicer.
You know what I've realized through this process? The joy of having things in order is nothing compared to the joy of spreading those toys out to make a Christmas Village, and taking some time to be intimately involved with my children's imagination. I find that I am really not so far from those care free days of childhood, and actually have to reign in my creativity so as not to stifle my kids learning. I still want things my way, and yes Jon, I am still a really sore loser with board games!
Playing with my kids helps me to see them as little people, little creations on loan to me from God, looking to me and Adam to guide them and love them, yet not stifle their desires and imagination. I'm really not so far from childhood, and once in a while, especially this time of year, it's good to go back!
"Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these." Matthew 19:14

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Anthony is Santa!

Dec. 19th 2009

Our six year old son, Anthony, has decided to play Santa. The first thing you must realize about Anthony is that he has a huge imagination, along with a mild form of Asperger's, which can quickly lead to meltdown city!
It all started with a pair of reindeer ears that he brought home from school. We quickly all became his reindeer, while he shouted out orders. This included catching popcorn in our mouths for food. My heart was so blessed when he decided to grab a big sack, and put toys in it for boys and girls. Together he and Sissy gathered up a bag of their toys, and prepared to spread the Christmas cheer. Anthony put a pillow under his shirt, wore a cut out beard and santa hat, and slung the bag over his shoulder. Sissy was given the job of reindeer, and helper elf. At his persistance, we waited until nightfall, and then wheeled him out to deliver gifts.
A jolly "ho ho ho!" could be heard from a six year old boy in his make believe sleigh, with a mommy and daddy reindeer taking the lead! His little helper elf was sitting in the back of the wagon with him.
His smile got bigger and prouder as we presented neighbor kids with small gifts, and even when helper elf tried to steal the show by taking the reins from Santa, he was a good sport. Did I mention he had a whip to keep us all in line?
Such a precious Christmas memory, even though it was bitter cold, it taught him the joy of giving, and best of all, he came up with the idea all on his own! We made it through the whole night with no meltdowns from santa, (only santas little helper) and I swear his heart grew 2 sizes!