Saturday, March 19, 2011


We had an amazing time at the zoo this morning! This is Ben absolutely loving the goats! We spent a lot of time with these little buddies, and Ben loved on all of them. If the goat was laying down, Ben would lay on the goats belly and pet him, and coo to him.

At the playground, the kids love the sand and tractors!

I love you goats, you're my friends!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

The Going On's of early spring!

Here comes freedom for Ben! His first year able to frolick and run in the yard, and you better believe he's running! It's waring up here, usually in the 70's most days, and he loves being outside!
We were invited to a really awesome bubble birthday party, (pic below) and here is Anthony being brave about all the bubbles!
Bubble land!
My two crazy kiddo's getting ready for bedtime! Dad works at night, so it's just me to get these kids to bed, somehow they make it fun! Anthony looks like a gnome. Speaking of work, my job at the bookstore is going so very wonderful, and may soon turn into full time. I'm still trying to master the crockpot, to save time on cook'n.
Notice the chopping of trees in the background, slowly doing our yard!
First trip to Jump'n Jacks for Ben! He loved it! He bounced everywhere, and loved to do the slides. Sadly, once he discovered he could leave the main play area and go find the shoe room, he was more into that.
Stage 1 of demolition of small shrubs and wees in the woods out back, not to hall off all this stuff!
Could you be....the most beautiful girl in the world?? Skyanna's new due, everyone wants to touch her hair now! She got it straightened, and it was really easy, and something I think I can start doing at home. She loves being tangle free!