Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Here comes change!

Well, Skyanna and Antony are officially in school, and loving it! Anthony is almost completely better from his dehydration, and loving the rigid routine of first grade. Skyanna has amazed me with her ability to go potty for someone else, make new friends, and keep her energy up! Yesterday she came home from school and asked to do homework, so I got out some of her work books, and she traced letters like a pro! (Something she would never normally do for me!).
Benjamin continues to grow fat and plump, and I'm pretty sure he said "giddy" (kitty) yesterday. We have gotten Sam and Princess, two tuxedo kittens, for Anthony and Skyanna. Seriously, they are like more work than my 3 kids! They eat non-stop, meow all the time, jump on the table and counters, continually get stuck in cupboards, eat anything on the floor including playdo, and faithfully stink up their cat box a few times every hour! On the other hand, they let the kids man-handle them, sit in the kids laps, purr all the time, and let Sissy carry them around everywhere!
Adam goes back to working nights this week, which means more chances for him to work online during the day time, but less time with the kiddo's at night. I"m a little nervous about getting dinner ready for 3 kids by myself, and clean up, (I'm a stickler for clean up), but will enjoy having him here during the day. Adam brings the kids to school and 8 and picks them up at 3, then leaves to get to work by 4. He has Monday and Sundays off now, and Anthony and dad will be doing Royal Ambassadors at our church on Sunday evenings now!
On Wednesday evenings Skyanna and Anthony will be doing Kids Praise at our church, I'll be helping to teach the 4 year olds, and I have no idea what Ben will do! He's supposed to be in the nursery for one short hour, but he really doesn't do nursery well. Every Sunday I get called to come get him from the nursery; Anthony was the same way when he was a babe! He really didn't start going to nursery/class until he was 3.
We love our new home, and are slowly unpacking. I still have nothing on the walls, but I feel so busy just trying to keep a clean house, keep up on laundry, make meals, and play with the kids! I'm not too worried about decorating at this time.....
My sis-in-law, Kristy, is getting ready to have her baby girl in a few weeks or less! I get to meet my niece at Christmas, and can hardly wait! Kristy and Bub are coming to Texas for Christmas, and bringing Tonka, their sweet little dog. I can't wait to hold that baby girl!!
My mom is coming up middle of September, and my dad and Jill are coming for Ben's Bday in October! I felt the first bit of coolness in the air this morning, it must have been in the high 70's, and I almost needed a sweater! I can't wait for it to cool off so I can go walking again, and the kids can play outside!
Time to put Ben down for his morning nap, and plan dinner for tonight!