Thursday, April 21, 2011

April Flowers!

What a great month April has been! We've been getting lots of sun, and the kids have loved playing outside! Anthony is loving the June bugs that come out at night, and I let him go outside with his umbrella and hit them! We are so excited for Easter, Adam will be performing a song, and it's beautiful! I'll try to get it recorded.

Benjamin loves the outdoors as well, and is a daredevil! Here is just one of his many stunts, climbing the slide. He's a beefy little dude, and takes lots of tumbles! He can also climb on the coffee table, and is working his way up to the couch.

Well, well....look who has "Bieber Fever!" She found this shirt at Walmart and totally got excited, so I had to let her get it. It's so cute! I don't think she even knows who he is, she just knows that her little girlfriends at school think he's cool.

This is Anthony's soccer uniform for this spring, his team is called the Rams! He scored his first goal in a game last week, and is really, really, loving soccer!

Just another pic of my stout little guy.....notice the adorable curls!

Skyanna loves to watch Anthony try and climb trees!

Oooh look! He made it up a tree!

Dry hair....

Wet hair!

Here we are at Anthony's soccer game. Ben is mad that he's strapped in the stroller, he wants out! Hahah!

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