Saturday, April 2, 2011

Yard Work

Seriously the sweetest cats in the world, Princess here, and Sam below!
Ben's best friend, Sam the cat.
My least favorite stage, learning to feed themselves. Yuck!
Skyanna and Sophia, best friends from school, putting on make up!
Benjamin finally adopted a blankie! All my kids have blankies, and I was worried he wouldn't want one. This is his froggy blankie he got for Christmas, it comes with a cute matching pillow.
Curls, curls, and chubs!
Pretty Skyanna at Chuck e Cheese for her friends party!
Ben's first time playing on the toys!
Check out my little man's cute shorts!

Okay, here are some pics of our recent yard work. We hacked down dead trees, (one that had been killed by lightning) and hauled all the wood off. It was a big job, and really noisy.
The trees that we took down are in our backyard, so now it adds space to the yard, and takes away hiding places for snakes! We hope to get some hammocks out here.
Daddy and his girl! We've been busy here, ready for summer to come so we can go swimming. Although, we could go swimming now, it's in the 80's, but the pools not up yet! The kids have swam in the little pool a few times this last month. With Adam and I both working full time, this is a crazy time, yet somehow manageable. I'll keep ya'll up to date on what decide to do with our's slow going for us, just getting a hammock up would be a plus!

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