Thursday, April 12, 2012

It's Never Enough.

The pantry moths put me right over the edge. How is it possible that somewhere between juggling three kids, working full time, and trying to keep order to my house; I somehow forgot to put a lid on some random item of food in the pantry? And it may not even be that-it could be something so small as a smudge of peanut butter or half eaten fruit snack waiting to be found. Perhaps I left a few kernels of cereal out to be feasted on by tiny larva, or maybe the syrup dripped off the lid and onto the pantry bottom. One thing is for sure, just Google the possibilities to make your mind spin!
After reading a full article on the causes of pantry moths, I now realize a few things.
  1. I must now seal, wash, and sanitize every item that goes into my pantry.
  2. Everything-including cookies and rice need their own separate container, with a sealed lid.
  3. All my items must be pushed to the front, nothing in the back where it's more apt to be snacked upon by tiny critters.
  4. Wrap plastic sealed baggies around syrup and peanut butter containers, in case any leaks out.
  5. Rotate all items weekly, (with all my spare time).
  6. Keep tiny hands out of the pantry in case they have any lingering food smudges on them, that may in turn contaminate the shelves.
  7. REALLY?!

What I really learned is this: It's NEVER enough! This goes for so many things in life! Would of, should of, could of. We can only juggle so many concerns and worries before they all start to blur together into one giant cloud of doom. I truly believe that I psych myself out thinking of ALL the things I have to do, and all the steps it's going to entail. I can waster entire hours looking up detailed information and directions on how to do the perfect project online. If I wanted to, I could spend hours looking up the best type of containers to store my food in.

Information is just a click away, and what started out as a simple project to clean out the pantry has now become an entire lifestyle change!

Note to self: Have Adam clean out the pantry while you are at work tomorrow.

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